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«What is the secret of KEDDO’s success across the world?»

We’re a team of young people from different countries; enthusiasts and fans of our own work. We don’t have any old traditions. We don’t spend millions on advertising. We engage and communicate with the youth; interested in their needs and wishes. With their help, we constantly develop new collections. When I say “youth”, I mean people of all ages who want to be on-trend. Actually, we’re the trendsetters! According to the results of 2017 ANALPA’s brands, such as KEDDO, BETSY, CROSBY and TESORO, are in the TOP list of casual brands in the world. TO be precise we’re in the 11th position, next to Sketchers, Timberland, UGG, Birkenstock, and Dr. Martins. We have three of our own factories where we produce more than 10,000 unique samples each year. The samples can then be produced anywhere in the world, where we can find the best prices and source the best quality materials. It could be Italy, Portugal, Poland or China. We also look at production in less developed countries, such as Bangladesh,Colombia, Ethiopia and Vietnam. We have a dream to bring production back to the UK. In fact, we work with some factories just for shoe assembly. Other parts of work we do ourselves.


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We work with our brand partners through flexible business models and various ways to enter the market.



We are deeply committed to social and environmental responsibility and take steps to ensure that our business is operated ethically.